MLI Vision

Without a free and professional press, democracy cannot flourish. Yet in many countries a free, professional press remains a dream. Billions of people cannot trust the news they see, read and hear.
The journalism industry has an obligation to deliver a complete, fair and representative picture of the communities and world in which we live. In order to achieve this, diversity in the newsroom and in coverage is fundamental.


MLI has established in 2000 in Pakistani Administrative Kashmir. It is a non-lucrative, non-governmental organization. MLI is working for the promotion of media sense and poise of journalism. Renowned Journalists from all over the world are the members of Media Link International.

MLI working over the mission of arranging workshops, seminars and special journalism courses to enhance advance journalistic skills for media professionals. Our aim is to provide safeguard to Journalists community for their press liberty, eradicate their media barrier in the field of journalism & mass communication and efforts are to streamline the media promulgation in the world and also setup transparent media approach to the masses with realistic standard of communication.


MLI believes that vigorous, independent media are essential building blocks on which democracy, freedom and human rights must be based. The MLI is committed to working with colleagues around the globe to: share journalistic, managerial and technical expertise; provide the latest information on media developments, journalism ethics and professional practices; offer support services relevant to changing needs; and encourage vital and independent media that are professionally, ethically and financially grounded.